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Kronan Logistic Centre

All of our sales and services are supported by our newbuild  (2020) state-of-the art warehouse, build together with our partner Logicenter. Using the latest within technology, and with a complete redesign of flows to support healthy ergonomics for our staff and an efficient supply chain, the warehouse spans more than 12.000 sqm. with an impressive 13 m to the ceiling.


The building is a classified energy efficient building, including solar panels on the roof and has with 8 docks the capacity to handle multiple deliveries and departures throughout the day.


While supporting our general services within taxfree, we also offer pure warehousing for companies looking for extra space, or a partner to handle their supply chain.


Service include:

  • Pure warehousing – handling and storage of products/pallets. Temporary or long-term

  • Support for eCommerce businesses including handling, packing and sending of individual packages (including ‘personal touch’ packing to fit your brand)

  • Tax and customs consultancy and handling

  • Automatization of processes and packaging

  • Handling of complex delivery chains – we have the expertise to deliver to all destinations across northern Europe, and have due to our high volumes, financially attractive solutions to do so

Due to the nature of our  customers and our business, Airshoppen Travel Retail has always focused on optimizing both weight and logistics around flights. We have therefore during a number of years provided air carriers with ‘return loading´, where heavy goods are sailed to a given destination, and return catered for the aircraft in question.

The benefit obviously being the reduced CO2 footprint that the transport will leave behind, as well as the possibility to have much more products on board on the onward journey, as that journey will then only have to carry the products necessary.


If you are interested in a return loading solution for your airline, combing the best of sea- and airtransport – then don’t hesitate to contact us.

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