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Pre-order was invented and launched by us in 1982, and was at that time a very advanced service in the airline industry.

The initial idea was to solve the space problem that airlines had on board, thereby limiting the number of products that an airline could offer their customers.


With the launch of pre-order, it suddenly became possible to deliver thousands of products to a seat, by having the customers pick from a large variety of products before their flight.


Pre-order for airlines

Refined ever since, today pre-order has been developed to a sophisticated service, that supports what any travellers is looking for in today’s travel retail - Great choice, convenience and at very attractive pricing.


The customer shop online from their home or destination, and the goods are delivered packed and sealed to their seat on board the aircraft, or to their ferry. Some of the benefits includes:

  • Reduced fuel consumption (you do not carry around products that will not be sold)

  • Convenient shopping through a modern web-shop (Sitecore solution). Adapted to all platforms from PC to mobile

  • Integration with your back-office, so that we already ‘know’ the customer before they visit the shop, by linking your booking data to the shopping experience

  • Optimized pricing, taking into account destination (i.e. EU and non_EU destinations) as well as passenger mix

  • Sales are support by various media channels and content that we provide

    • eMail marketing (by you, using content from server, or directly by us in your ‘colours’

    • Printed Catalogue with front letter and packing tailor-made to your branding and messaging

    • SoMe channels and content

    • Campaigns (seasonal, towards specific targets groups etc.) – also supporting specific supplier campaigns, thereby harvesting from any domestic communication

Our pre-order service is supported by our multilingual call and sales center, supporting clients with their purchase, or any questions they may have – thereby making it easy for your to offer the service, without having to worry about the customer experience.

Yacht Cruise Ship Sea Ocean Tropical Sce

Pre-order for ferries

Ferry Companies have traditionally relied on their on board physical store for their retail sales. Due to the greater space that a ferry often has, there has not been the same need to reduce the assortment, or the volume of the products.


However, with an increased focus from customers on the environmental impact, as well as the customers increased focus on a much wider assortment – the combination of a physical store with bestsellers, combined with a pre-order solution, is both financially and operationally a good solution for many ferry companies wanting to take their retail model to the next level. Some of the benefits includes:

  • Reduced weight – you mainly carry the products that are already sold on board your vessel

  • Much greater variety and choice

  • Ability to offer more exclusive products and limited editions

  • Greater ability to drive campaigns targeting specific customer groups

  • Closer ‘binding’ to your customers, i.e. by combining pre-order offers with your frequent traveler initiatives

  • Optimized operation – we can help you with optimizing your passenger flow and sales


Contact our team to discuss your specific situation, so that we can find the right solutions optimizing your customer experience, your earnings as well as your environmental footprint.


We also work with ferry companies to take their onboard offering to the next level. By combining our travel retail experience with our purchasing footprint, we can deliver an attractive offering for your onboard sales.

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