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Facts and figures

Pre-order was invented and launched by us in 1982, and was at that time a very advanced service in the airline industry.  The initial idea was to solve the space problem that airlines had on board, thereby limiting the number of products that an airline could offer their customers. 


With the launch of pre-order, it suddenly became possible to deliver thousands of products to a seat, by having the customers pick from a large variety of products before their flight.



Strawberry Group, TDR capital and Altor Funds are the three shareholders that owns Nordic Leisure Travel Group (NLTG) where we, Airshoppen Travel Retail, are an independent company.

Our shareholders took us on in 2019 with a strong believe of our business:

  • Long-term profitability outperforming the market due to an unique operating model that enables high capacity utilization

  • Uniquely positioned to continue to grow on the back of a completed transformation to a digital sales model

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