Bar & Taxfree sales

With an increasing access globally for customers to find their unique brand on-line, the taxfree onboard sales of products becomes the forefront of impulse shopping.

More important than ever, the on-board offering must be both attractive when it comes to pricing, but also support the travellers in their purchase, whether they are looking for that special gift, something to treat themselves, or a practical purchase supporting their trip to a given destination.

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Taxfree on-board services

We have throughout the years worked with a number of both scheduled and charter airlines, to enhance their onboard taxfree offering.


 By combing the latest in technology with focus on giving crew the means to support the sales on-board, we combined bestsellers with unique product offerings targeting the audiende of that specific airlines.  The focus is on the experience, not just the sales.

  • Our Taxfree on-board solutions products.

  • Wide variety of products (Boutique, sports, clothing, watches, sunglasses, gift items etc.).

  • Unique high-earning products and best sellers (including white label products) developed by ourselves.

  • Deals with specific suppliers, using our on-board option as a ‘closed’ channel´, thereby enabling us together to offer extremely active pricing and products.

  • Analysis of your target audience, to ensure that you meet demand from your customers, but also surprise your target audience to increase sales. 

  • Supported by State-of-the-art SkyTab solution enabling crew to focus on customer service, and never have to struggle with a sale.

  • Increased product information for each category available to crew at their fingertip.  

  • Marketing solutions – paper, QR code communication, content for your inflight system – tailor-made solutions to fit your needs.

  • Campaigns –both seasonal and ad-hoc.

  • Incentive programs for your crew / sales staff,

  • Training of your crew / sales staff,

  • Tax and customs consultancy and handling,

  • Packing and support of your bar service, together with our partner.