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Supplier contact

Do you want to become a supplier to Airshoppen Travel Retail?


We believe in partnerships, and we work very closely with our suppliers to the benefit of both parties. Please visit the marketing site here in order to see some of the services we can offer you as a supplier.


In general, we have two major assortment changes during the year, one in May and one in November.

If you are interested in a cooperation with Airshoppen Travel Retail, please contact the respective Category Manager or use the contact formula below and enter your details and describe your product and/or services.


We hope to hear from you soon!

carina nilsson.jfif

Carina Nilsson

Category Manager, Parfume & Cosmetics


Anette Rosengren

Category Manager, Beverages, Tobacco & Confectionary


Susanne Rokbøl

Category Manager

eva spencer.jfif

Eva Spencer

Category Manager, Boutique

Helle Lehné - profilbillede.jpg

Helle Lehné

Product Marketing Content Creator


Thank you!

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