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E-commerce & marketing

At the core of our services, we offer all clients our service within marketing and sales.

Our inhouse marketing team manages all aspects of marketing both online and offline. Together with the client, we create the marketing strategy and we execute in all available channels, own as well as paid.



All roads lead to Rome and all marketing initiatives lead to our e-commerce sales platform,

The e-commerce team manages all aspects of online marketing and sales as well as web management and optimization.

Web campaigns for suppliers

  • Banners through web personalization

  • Search Index boosts​

  • Product ranking boosts

E-mail marketing

  • Supplier banner boosts​

  • Bespoke supplier e-mails based on customer interactions

Social Media campaigns

  • Paid ads to relevant audience​

App push

  • Campaign pushes​

  • Sales push e.g. last chance to buy or abandoned basket notification

Our online pre-order platform is supported by our multilingual customer support centre, supporting clients with their purchase, or any questions they may have.



The Marketing department oversees the Airshoppen brand identity and builds awareness by implementing FMCG marketing strategy.

The aim is attracting customers to the convenient Airshoppen concept through off- and online advertising across all channels, while continuously creating and building on product and marketing content.


Brand identity

  • Brand strategy aimed towards target audience

  • Brand definition, values & development of visual guidelines

  • Brand behavior & interaction with customers

  • Trend tracking aimed at identifying optimal positioning



  • Marketing strategy

  • Define marketing plans

  • Market research & analysis

  • Airshoppen FMCG concept development


Content Creation

  • Product content optimization through digital PIM system

  • Copywriting that evokes feelings and apppeals to the target audience

  • Content translation into local language

  • Airshoppen main & seasonal campaigns

  • Airline onboard campaigns


In-House agency

  • Creative idea and collaboration

  • Art direction

  • Image retouch

  • Desk top publishing


Advertising channels

  • Onboard folders & campaigns

  • Crew activation campaigns

  • TVC Post Production (screens onboard)

  • Fly & win scratch card

  • Airshoppen pre-order catalogues

  • Airshoppen websites

  • Online banners across relevant media


PR & events

  • Fairs

  • Editorials and advertorials

  • Storytelling


Legal support

  • GDPR

  • Marketing law

  • Tobacco/alcohol restrictions

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